the reason is very simple but you have never thought about it

Why do you run to the toilet after coffee: the reason is very simple but you have never thought about it. As soon as you know that, you will be positively impressed, especially the women.

Ground coffee – Pixabay

The coffee it is the drink that best represents our country. Everyone tries to imitate him, but let’s face it, once you cross national borders, it’s really hard, if not impossible, to find espresso coffee. Everything is in the fantastic cup, energy, taste and flavor. Whether it’s mocha, traditional coffee to be ready, or that in the bar is still a feeling.

But you, who is a coffee drinker, how many times have you said the phrase or have you generally heard that you can not drink coffee because of the risk of running to the toilet? Here the reason is there and it is not indifferent, thanks to the many characteristics of this valuable source of well-being. As soon as you find out, you become speechless, to see is to believe.

Drink your coffee and run to the toilet, the reason is really interesting

Toilet after coffee
Toilet – Pixabay

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Coffee often generates a bomb in the gut ready to explode. This urgent need to go to the toilet is due to the fact that the drink contains certain substances, such as:

  • chlorogenic acid, which promotes intestinal transit and frees the body from constipation;
  • stimulates the gastrin acting on the colon and ensures its optimal function;
  • promotes peristalsis, which acts on digestion and facilitates the phase of bowel movements;
  • increases the production of cholecystokinin, which is also responsible for the proper functioning of intestinal transit.

These are the components of coffee that explain why it drains away immediately after going to the toilet. A need that has been timed: four minutes after drinking coffee, the need disappears, a period when the gut and colon get all the stimulus and desire to free themselves. At least this is what happens to 30% of the national population, so they are not isolated cases. However, if you know you are within this percentage, reduce your beverage consumption.

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Coffee is also a diuretic because the acceleration of blood flow and heart rate also causes intense activity of the kidneys and thus produces more urine. Finally news that will delight women: coffee counteracts water retention. But be careful not to abuse it, it can be harmful to the body.

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