The secret behind a coffee as good and creamy as in the bar has been revealed and the 2 simple steps to make it at home

Coffee is a real sacred rite for us Italians. Every moment is a good time to sip a hot cup. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, its intense scent is ideal to get us started and meet the day with the right amount of energy. But coffee is not just drunk in the morning for breakfast. During the day, there are many moments when a glass is tasted, for example when you take a break from studies or work. More and more people now have a pod machine at home. The more traditionalists, however, still use the classic moka.

However, the coffee in the bar always seems better to us. Still served steaming in a hot cup, it is very tempting. Without forgetting that characteristic cream that forms on the surface. Very greedy, it makes the taste of the drink enveloping and velvety smooth. Obviously you do not always have the opportunity to go to the bar for a coffee. For practical, temporal and even financial reasons. In many parts of Italy, a simple coffee at this time costs 1.00 / 1.20 euros. But why is the coffee in the bar always so creamy? Can we replicate it at home too? In this article, we will talk about just that and make some really interesting discoveries.

The secret behind a coffee as good and creamy as in the bar has been revealed and the 2 simple steps to make it at home

The coffee in the bar is creamy due to a combination of factors. Firstly, much depends on the temperature of the water, which must be kept constant around 90 degrees. In addition, much also depends on the composition of the mixture used. The more Arabica and Robusta there are, the creamier the coffee obtained. Finally, another factor applies to the pressure, which must be at least 9 atmospheres. A value that can only be achieved with espresso machines in the bar or those for the home, if they are of excellent quality. Just to give the idea, the classic suede reaches only 1.1 atmospheres.

That said, we can still prepare a delicious coffee with a lot of cream even at home. In the following lines, we will explain the simple step to take. When the suede is charged and placed on the fire, pour a teaspoon of sugar into each cup. As soon as the coffee starts to rise, collect the first drops of coffee and pour them into the individual cups. At this point, with a teaspoon, start mixing sugar and coffee drops quite vigorously. The more we use a powerful movement, the more the mixture becomes pleasantly frothy and consistent. When the coffee has fermented completely, pour it into the cups. The cream we have created will rise from the bottom of the cup to the surface, creating exactly the same effect as the coffee in the bar.

Simplified alternative method

We can also achieve the same result in a much simpler way. We have to put the sugar (one teaspoon for each cup) directly in the coffee maker’s jug. In this way, the cream will be formed automatically when the coffee rises. And here is the secret to a coffee as good as the bar with very delicious cream. As always, appliances must be stored with care. It is therefore good to remember how to clean suede perfectly.


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