the tricks to wash the suede well and make it perfect

Washing suede well is important to make a good coffee, in fact a perfect coffee. Let’s see how to do it and some little tricks.

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Italy consumes a lot coffee. This is the most consumed beverage in our country and today everyone has their favorite way to take it. There are those who love to go to the bar, order a macchiato, a long, short, proper coffee, with sugar, without sugar. There are those who either take the machine to the office, those who have the machine at home with the pods. Finally, there are those who prefer to do it every morning with suede.

This is a longer method than the others, but it spreads the smell of coffee in the air, allows you to be patient in an activity and it is good for mental health. But there are still people who, even though they prefer this technology, make some mistakes. Instead, there is a way to prepare a perfect coffee from washing suede well.

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For this reason, we will see below some tips for cleaning and washing the suede in the best possible way and then preparing a perfect coffee by seeing a simple trick that you may never have thought of.

How to wash suede well and make a perfect coffee

coffee with suede
Coffee with suede (AdobeStock)

If you want to make a good coffee that can be close to perfection, the starting point is to clean the suede well. Therefore, never use soap as the small residues will end up in your drink. Use baking powder and vinegar for the outside and only vinegar for the filter. You have to rinse very well and then you have to dry very well. Leaving water on creates the stains. Also, always remember not to leave the coffee inside for too long.

That said, for a perfect coffee, the beans should be ground just before brewing for a unique aroma. The water should always be at room temperature. At the level indicated for a regular coffee, less if you prefer it more intense in taste. Finally, here’s the little trick: the coffee must not be pushed into the filter.

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Maybe you’m used to it, but try not to do it the next time you prepare. You will feel a less bitter taste. Just prepare it on low heat and wait for it to rise. Then stir a little before turning off the heat and serving. You will see that the result in this way will be excellent.

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