The unique taste of the very rare Coffea Eugenoides

It is the species that together with Canephora created Arabica; originally from East Africa, today it mostly comes from Colombia

Every world final in the circuit competitions Sca – Specialty Coffee Association reserves interesting experiences and “discoveries” regarding the proposed coffees, which these days are the protagonists of the intensive preparation of the two Italian champions competing between 27 and 30 September at Mice 2022 from Melbourne (Australia). It’s about Matteo PavoniItalian Master Baristas e Giacomo Vannelli, who excelled in Brewing.

A protagonist in these competitions last year was undoubtedly Coffee Eugenioides. It was used by world champion bartender Diego Campos, from Colombia, who defined it one of the most amazing and fascinating coffees I’ve ever tasted, as well as the runner-up, the American Andrea Allen and the Polish Natalia Kwiatkowska. She was also the main character in the preparation of Tomas Taussig, a bartender from the Czech Republic, ranked sixth in the Brewers final.

Coffea Eugenioides is the species that together with Canephora created Arabica; it originally comes from East Africa, but today it comes mostly from Finca Immaculadain Colombia.

It produces smaller leaves and cherries than Arabica and has a low yield. It is characterized by sweetness, which contributes to the high altitude of cultivation, between 1800 and 2000 metersthanks to which it has a low caffeine content, which is bitter in taste.

«The first time I met her was in 2016 in Dublin, presented by Sarah Anderson from Intelligentsia – he says Rubens Gardelli, World roasting champion 2017 and owner of Gardelli specialty coffee, who gave it to one of the competitors -: when I tasted it, it seemed like a kind of rice drink, with little personality. Later I tried the one produced by Finca Immaculada and I was overjoyed. I managed to buy only 20 kilos (on the website of the Forlì roastery it is sold out, ed), until next year everything is sold; I hope to buy the next one again. It is an expensive product (200 euros per 250 gram package) although it is not the most expensive on the market. I have given a coffee the highest rating I have ever given, because it offers a unique experience.

One wonders if there really is coffee in it the product in the cup is characterized by an incredible sweetness, a good acidity, while the bitterness is decidedly low. Its complexity is striking: it has a good tropical fruitiness (papaya, guava) combined with blueberries and the unique characteristic of this species that I define as a “rice scent”. It leaves your mouth slightly dry and makes you want to taste again. It also has a slight hint of licorice ».

Despite its success in recent months, it is not expected to increase its availability in the coming years due to its very – perhaps too – special characteristics. To extract it with V60, 16 g of ground coffee and 250 g of water at 90 ° C are suggested.

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