The very simple secret trick for a good and good coffee like the one at the best bars

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages available. The pleasure of drinking a good cup of coffee is invaluable. If we are at work, we can go to a bar after lunch and take it directly to the balcony. Because, you know, coffee in bars is usually unbeatable. As much as we try to make coffee as good as that in the best bars, we rarely succeed.

The reason is that we do not know the very simple secret trick for a perfect coffee. Today we will try to find out and we will also provide other useful information to prepare a coffee similar to the one we take at the counter.

Simple and extremely effective

The advice we give below can help you make a high-quality coffee, but of course a lot also depends on the raw material. We only buy quality coffee and store it carefully, so we maximize the chances of getting a finished quality product.

Now we can start. We start by putting the coffee in suede, which guarantees us the best result. Let’s make sure we make all the correct steps, let’s not make trivial mistakes: first of all, we fill suede up to the level of the valve and no longer. We use water with a low mineral content, otherwise we risk changing the taste of the coffee.

Let it heat on low heat and let the suede temperature rise slowly. As soon as we hear that the coffee is coming out, we immediately turn off the heat. A few seconds too long on the flame is enough to change and worsen the taste of our good coffee.

The very simple secret trick for a good and good coffee like the one at the best bars

The real secret comes at this moment: we pour the coffee into a hot cup at about 50 or 60 degrees. This is a ploy that many bars also use, and they do it for two reasons. Partly for hygienic reasons, as high temperatures can kill bacteria. Then they do it for a taste.

In fact, the high temperatures protect the taste of the drink and do not change it. But if the coffee comes in contact with a cold cup, its taste can change. So what we have to do is very simple: while the coffee is heating up, place the cup under very hot tap water or immerse it in boiling water. We are very careful not to burn ourselves, of course. Then when the cup welcomes the coffee, we will enjoy it in all its quality.

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