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Cappuccino is one of the many things that we are envied all over the world, because no one can do it like us Italians; the best thing is to know how to make a cappuccino at home, just like the one at the bar, and even better without appliances!

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Between strong coffee, macchiato, CappuccinoAmerican coffee and latte, we are spoiled for choice at breakfast, but cappuccino is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks.

Able to satisfy those who do not like the too bitter taste of coffee, the presence of milk makes it possible to sweeten the taste, giving it the much sought after taste.

Moreover, its foam is so inviting that it conquers everyone. And if you are also a cappuccino lover and want to know how it canI do in Home so you don’t need to go to the bar, now I’ll tell you how.

Making cappuccino at home is possible and without any appliance!

Cappuccino at home (Pixabay)

Getting up in the morning and enjoying a cappuccino is the best way to face the day, and if this is possible at home, so much the better! After all, breakfast in the bar is a luxury that not everyone can afford, and therefore it is usually done when you have nothing to eat. But if you love cappuccino so much that you want to enjoy it every day for breakfast, now I’m going to explain how you can make it at home and without using any type of appliance!

In fact, some tools are usually used to ensure that the cappuccino has the same foam as the one in the bar, from real devices to the magic wand to froth the milk, but in reality it is possible to get the same effect in other ways and without any tools. What you need to do is to first choose a milk, then whole and that it contains fats and proteins, since only this can favor the formation of foam, in addition to vegetable milk such as almond, oat or soy milk.

In addition, it must have a temperature of 65-66 ° C, although the same effect can also be achieved with cold milk. In addition to these two important characteristics to consider, there is also a trick that can be put into practice, namely that Can and the bottle. What you need to do is pour the hot milk into a jar, until it reaches halfway. At this point, close it and shake it for about 20 seconds, until it has taken in air and bubbles have formed in the milk. When you’re done, pour it into the cup and add the espresso coffee: the effect will be the same as the cappuccino at the bar!

Otherwise, you can follow the same procedure but with one bottle of plastic. So heat the milk but without letting it boil and then add the espresso coffee and pour it all into the bottle. Now close it and shake it until you see the foam appear. Only then can you pour everything into a cup and serve the cappuccino. I am sure that now you will not spend unnecessary money in the bar anymore!

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