“They gave me a nice present”

A year in hospital, she wants a coffee and a cigarette while being transported by ambulance. The operators satisfy it

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Maria is a 70-year-old who has been hospitalized for about a year to cope with an illness. During the transfer in ambulance at a new facility, the woman expressed a desire to take one coffee in the bar and smoke one cigarette, all outdoors. Health professionals wanted to please her.

The desire for a coffee and a cigarette after a year in hospital

Since September 2021, Maria has been admitted to the hospital in Pozzuoli for an illness.

On Sunday, August 28, the medical staff loaded her on the stretcher onto the ambulance to take her to another care facility.


Maria expressed a desire for a coffee while being transported by ambulance

At that point, the 70-year-old felt a strong desire to treat herself to a baby violation she was used to when she was still healthy.

“I would drink a lot of coffee,” he told the operators during the transport.

The story is reported by ‘Corriere del Mezzogiorno’, which collected the testimonies of Mrs Maria and the two medical staff who carried her.

The same bathroom decor, with a hand on it consciousness, they chose to please the woman and fulfill that little wish.

The stop is in a service area

The operators therefore approached a service area in the Varcaturo area.

With the beautiful sun on Sunday, they carried the stretcher out and let Signora Maria have her coffee and smoke a cigarette.

“What a fine gift these two gentlemen gave me,” said Mrs. Maria happily.

Operators: “It seemed nice to us”

‘Corriere del Mezzogiorno’ listened to the two health workers, who reported:

“The lady has been hospitalized in Pozzuoli since September last year, now we are moving her to another health facility, and it seemed nice to us to be able to satisfy her when she asked if it was possible to stop for a coffee”.

A momentary return to normal, i.e. just before starting a new hospital stay.


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