They had stolen over 700 items worth 15,000 euros including shoes and perfumes, coffee machines and cosmetics

TRENTO. Stolen goods to the value of over 15 thousand euros And over 700 items between clothes and shoes, coffee machines and cosmetics. Two people were reported for theft and receiving stolen goods.

This is the result of a complicated investigation made by Investigation unit for the local police in Trento. “In a period that is really not easy to trade – he comments Franco Ianeselli, Mayor of Trento – The agents have carried out an investigation that is of great value: because it helps store owners to fight theft and because it restores legality. In Italian cities, the phenomenon of shoplifting is so widespread that many traders have given up reporting. “Today in Trento, thanks to the local police investigation unit, which monitors the city mainly in civilian clothes, shop owners have found an operational reference point to turn to to prevent and combat theft.”

They were the target at least fifteen stores, all in the city center. Un exchange of over 700 items worth more than 15 thousand euros: clothes, shoes, coffee machines, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, perfumes with still labels and kitchen and bathroom items.

The investigation unit’s last effort was triggered late in the morning on Thursday, then Two people were reported to a plainclothes patrolas probable perpetrators of shoplifting.

While waiting for reinforcements, the two men were first checked at a distance and followed, then chased through the streets of the historic city center and finally stopped in via Roggia Grande. During the house search, the agents found some bags of goods, partly a result of the theft of at least five stores.

At this point, the agents searched the homes of the two detainees. There they found and seized an assortment of over 700 items from at least 15 other stores in the center.

The house searches and seizures carried out by the local police as part of this operation were validated by the judicial authority. The investigations, coordinated by prosecutor Pasquale Profitinow proceed with the recognition of the goods seized by the store owners and the formalization of complaints.

The investigation unit was established on January 10 last year and has the task of preventing and combating “predator crimes” (theft, robbery and so on) against the city’s economic categories. The motto chosen by the new local police department is “Let’s join forces“Because no investigation is possible without the reports from the merchants, who also have a dedicated whatsapp number at their disposal.

To date, there have been 96 patrols (on foot and in civilian clothes) in the historic city center, in shifts from 7.30 to 18.30, for a total of 576 hours of attendance. To promote the initiative, 114 merchants were contacted with whom the local police staff have constant telephone contact. From the beginning of February until today, 19 people have been reported in various ways to the regular and juvenile justice authorities by the local police investigation unit in Trento.

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