Thick and creamy coffee like in the bar, avoid these mistakes with the pod

After buying the espresso machine, we already imagine ourselves sipping coffee as in the bar. Sitting on the sofa or on the balcony and eating breakfast in front of a spectacular clear sky. But something always goes wrong, the first coffee is watery, the second not very good and so on. Nevertheless, the producer and seller had guaranteed us a creamy coffee just like the one at the bar.

Unfortunately, a fika like the one in the bar is not easy to offer at home. In addition to the professional coffee machine, there are more factors to consider. But of course, one of the most important is the brewing temperature. If the water is not hot enough, the coffee will not come out as we wish. However, there is something we can do to mimic coffee from the home bar. Let’s immediately see some common mistakes and tips for the perfect coffee.

Capsules, capsules and coffee makers, which one to choose

A matter of taste, no doubt, but if we want really creamy coffee, the choice is between pods and ground beans. The powder guarantees an excellent creaminess, even in the coffee pot, but if we dose it well. Even for the classic mocha, it is easy to fall into common mistakes like this and which must be avoided for a good coffee. The capsules are certainly convenient and more elegant, but the coffee is hardly really creamy. If we want to avoid free powder, the choice falls on the robber.

Thick and creamy coffee like in the bar, avoid these mistakes with the pod

But how can you not go wrong with the waffles? Well, not everyone knows, but most of the pods on the market have a specific direction. On the biodegradable wrapper, on the central part of the pod, there are 3 raised dots. Easily identifiable by touch, they must be placed downwards to ensure maximum results. Also, the pod contains an exact weight of ground coffee and not all are the same. For a good creamy coffee, it is better to choose those of 7.5 g and well pressed, not too slowly. Always pay attention to the brewing temperature, better wait a few more minutes instead of drinking colored water. And finally, the cup must be hot, only in this way will coffee become a real pleasure.

Now we all know the tricks to prepare a thick and creamy coffee like in the bar right at home. Let’s not immediately blame the espresso machine that friends or relatives have given us. Sometimes it just takes a few more tries with different pods to prepare a perfect coffee. As soon as we add the sugar, our coffee will pass the sink rate test. And if we want to avoid sugar, there are always other alternatives, even healthier ones.

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