To remove red wine, coffee and oil stains from fabrics and clothes, here are 3 remedies

How many clothes, sheets, tablecloths and sofa covers have we thrown away because you are reborn from the stains? Every day we put our beloved washing machines to the test, between standard washes and those to try to recycle the fabrics we care about. But in order to get perfect, stylish and fragrant washing, maintenance and care of the appliance must not be neglected.

In fact, filters, baskets and detergent compartments should be thoroughly cleaned with special products or even home remedies. Regularly, it would be advisable to perform vacuum washes, try to clean the interior and remove excess dirt.

If we use these precautions, our washing machine will last longer and we could get satisfactory results, even when the garments are stubborn and difficult to remove stains.

To remove red wine, coffee and oil stains from fabrics and clothes, here are 3 remedies

There are certain ingredients in the kitchen that pose a threat to our clothes and bedding, as they are much more complicated to eliminate. On the stool we could add the red wine, just 2 drops in the cloth or in the shirt, to risk throwing them in the undifferentiated.

The first thing you should not do is pour very hot water, it would risk leaving a mark that is impossible to remove. Instead, we could first pre-treat the dry stain with simple liquid soap and water. For greater efficiency, we also add drops of lemon juice and let it work for a few hours, then wash in the washing machine.

When it comes to coffee, one of the most intoxicating drinks in Italy and in the world, it is an element that can stain fabrics in minutes. Of course, the earlier we act on the stain, the greater the chances of eliminating it increases, if possible, so do not wait for it to dry completely.

Therefore, with hot water, we could make the halo of freshly poured coffee disappear. But if we wait, we can add white vinegar. Pour only 2 tablespoons into a spray and add half a glass of distilled water. We spray the mixture directly on the stain and let it work for at least 15 minutes. We rub lightly with a toothbrush, then we could continue with a wash in the washing machine. If, on the other hand, we are away from home, just dab the part that has been damaged by the coffee with a little cotton wool, water and vinegar.

Fat halos

When it comes to oil or grease halos, we tend to give in to stains and think we can do nothing more. The only thing we remember to do is add some talcum powder as soon as we notice the oil halon. The solution can be salt, which is to be sprinkled on halo, together with Marseille soap. We scrub with a brush and wait 20 minutes before we put the garment in the washing machine. If the fabric type allows it, washing in high temperatures would also be ideal for removing stains from red wine, coffee and oil.


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