To the sellers in Torre Annunziata the pizza chefs and coffee masters of the future

Edited by the editorial staff

“Ferments, paths for inclusive participation in young people’s economic, social and democratic lives”. To Seller of Torre Annunziata The project promoted by the Salesian Association is gaining momentum Little Steps Big Dreams Aps and funded by the Campania region, with state resources from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in collaboration with some local schools.

The boys who go to the institute via Margherita di Savoia prepare to participate in the pizza maker’s and coffee master’s workshops, in motivating paths and excursions.

The association has already tested some measures, such as “peer” links, territorial animation and tailor-made educational projects. The alliance between the third sector, school, family and territory, between formal and informal education, is strategic for promoting inclusion and contrast dropping out of school and risk of crimebut only if you can identify young people’s educational needs, intervene in them in a targeted way, plan flexible and stimulating courses, consistent with the cognitive starting profile, the emotional development and the personal history of each, take care and reinforce the natural attitudes of each boy presents.

That is why the project aims to create a motivating, flexible and engaging learning environment by using laboratory methodology, experimenting with innovative strategies and increasing young people’s social skills necessary to develop their own life plan and facilitate the relationship with society, school and work and local institutions.

The project will continue during 15 months during which adolescents and adolescents (from 13 to 18 years) they will take part in vocational training courses aimed at experimenting with professional skills in the catering industry: so they will try their hand at pizza art (UNESCO’s intangible heritage) and in the preparation of coffee. These will be accompanied by motivational workshops run by an educator during an apprenticeship at the “G. Leopardi” school (partner school) in via Cavour.

An innovative tool already validated in other national and European contexts will be used (especially in Belgium and France: the “Fermenting on the road” they represent is a significant pedagogical experience with a strong transformative effect. The boys, among those most prone to change, will be involved for three weekends during the year and a week in the summer, along the nature trails that Campania is rich in.


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