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Amazon Prime Day always rhymes with discounts and stocks. Being able to buy such a variety of dishwasher tablets, rather than capsules to make coffee every morning so you do not need them the rest of the year, is a result to be proud of. So here are all the products in space-saving packaging, perfect for making monthly stocks at a low price.

Prime Day shares: Starbucks coffee capsules

Raise your hand if you do not like Starbucks coffee, which has now become a must in Italy as well. To get the scent of the famous American coffee at home, you can buy this package of 80 Sunny Day Blend capsules, to get the best coffee every morning and start the day well.

They are available here with a 33% discount

Prime Day stock: dishwasher tablets

Amazon Prime Day shares

Dishwasher tablets are also often among the most purchased products by Amazon Prime customers. These from Finish are equipped with Infinity Shine technology, with 83 tablets that ensure up to 166 washes with a very high quality wash.

They are here with a 50% discount

Prime Day stocks, the gel for the dishwasher

Prime Day shares

In addition to the tablets, there are also maxi gel packs for the dishwasher. This from Fairy ensures up to 360 washes, with 3x active forces technology and a sea breeze scent that will leave plates and cutlery with a fresh scent. The package is 12 bottles.

You can buy this with a 27% discount

heads for electric toothbrushes

Prime Day Amazon shares

The electric toothbrush is among the items for daily use that we use the most: but the heads, we know, must be replaced after a few months to get a really deep cleaning and ensure good oral hygiene. With this range of Philips, we will be quiet for a while, without having to worry about nasty surprises.

You can buy them here with a 30% discount

Prime Day Stocks, the whitening toothpaste

Prime Day shares

This Max White Carbon whitening toothpaste with 4 packs of 75 ml each assures us of one natural whiteness of your teeth thanks to the presence of carbonia. C.With activated carbon and mineral microparticles, the formula has clinically proven that it gently removes up to 100% of surface stains.

You can buy them here with a 52% discount

Amazon Prime Day Stocks, detergent

Amazon Prime Day Store

Nine-month guaranteed laundry with this space-saving (and piggy bank) package from Omino Bianco, which has a concentrated formula and a 2.6-liter package to have in the laundry and use when we need it.

You can buy this with a 58% discount

Prime Day supplies, toilet paper

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With 84 rolls, the Scottonelle Scottex maxi package is a must for filling with toilet paper with soft pillows. It is sodorless and dermatologically tested.

You buy here with a 37% discount

Prime Day stocks, the night serum in maxi format

Amazon Prime Day sharesL’Oreal night serum is in maxi format: Revitallift laser X3 has an anti-wrinkle effect with pure retinol for all deep wrinkles. This maxi format of 50 ml allows you to use it for a long time, as 3-4 drops are recommended every night.

You can find it here with a 52% discount

Prime Day shares, Laica’s convenience package

Amazon Prime Day shares

The water filter jug ​​has already become a common product to have in the kitchen. This kit with three filters that will be used for several months, is perfect for always having clean water at any time (each filter lasts about a couple of months).

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