Tragedy of Mesenzana, Varese

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Father kills his children and takes his own life, tragedy in Mesenzana

He had mental problems and did not accept the termination of the relationship with his partner, with whom he had two children. So Andrea Rossin, a 45-year-old worker, first killed his 7- and 13-year-old children with a knife and then took his own life in his house in Mesenzana in via Pezza, one of the roads winding up the mountain from the valley floor. The story left the whole community in the village of Luinese in shock: the two minors went to second grade and third grade in the city. The alarm was given by the mother of the two children who passed by the former partner’s house to take the children to school: the woman alerted and then accused of illness.

The worker who fell in Fagnano Olona died

The 42-year-old worker who was involved in a work accident on Monday morning in Fagnano Olona died at the Circolo di Varese hospital. He was in poor condition after falling from a telephone pole where he was doing maintenance work. The man lived in the Altomilanese area, leaving behind his wife and two small children. Carabinieri in Busto Arsizio will reconstruct the dynamics of the event. Apparently the pole on which the worker was working has broken: the man fell from a height of four meters in front of his colleague’s eyes. The intervention of the health personnel was immediate, but the man’s condition immediately seemed very serious. And on Wednesday afternoon, two days after the accident, the worker died.

There’s a bit of Varese in UNESCO’s candidacy for Italian espresso

There is some Varese in UNESCO’s candidacy for Italian espresso coffee: At the Roman press conference that presented it were the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca and the Italian representative of the UNESCO Lino Masters Banfi but together with the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli and the Deputy Secretary Gian Marco Centinaio were also Maria Chiara Gadda, who also intervened, and Antonella Zambelli: two women from Varese who “did their part” to designate the Italian espresso as an intangible legacy from Unesco. In fact, Mr Gadda presented the project to the Chamber of Deputies several years ago, while Antonella Zambelli, owner of La Brasiliana’s roasting company, is a councilor in the consortium of traditional Italian coffee, the initiator of the initiative. The proposal also launched the national day of Italian espresso coffee, which from now on falls on 26 March.

Varese-Angera, the classic in youth cycling, also makes room for amateurs

From the garden city to Lake Maggiore by bike to become part of an honor roll with many important names. On Sunday, March 27, Varese-Angera kicks off, the classic opening race of the youth calendar dedicated to the Junior category, which was also previously won by Filippo Ganna and other runners who later became professionals.
The race is organized by Silvio Pezzottas Velo Club Sommese and starts at 10 from via Sacco to end at Angera’s shoreline after 58 kilometers; this year’s novelty is a circuit between Brebbia and Bogno di Besozzo that has replaced the more classic Ranco. The youth race will be preceded, from kl. 8.30, by one for amateurs in the Master category thanks to the preparations of the Newsciclismo team by President Alessandro Locatelli.
The two races have already been filled with members with the starting list who, according to regulations, have reached the maximum number. There will be 200 students from Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto, 150 amateurs instead.

Valeriano, from chimpanzees to the labyrinth of mirrors: a life in the Varese amusement park

“I’m 78 years old and have always been to Varese Luna Park: my parents got married here, in 1925. He wrote on Corriere Sunday about their marriage: he called it ‘Marriage in a lion’s cage'”.

The speaker is Valeriano Dino Diana, born in 1944. Sitting on his camping chair, he monitors the preparations for his “Espana”, an attraction in the amusement park that many will have known: a “mirror maze” that extends over two floors and also has other miscellaneous game. His life and the life of his brother Giancarlo, who is also a carousel, are closely linked to Varese Amusement Park: not just for that “newspaper wedding”: “We kept the chimpanzees until 1969. And it was I who made them work when we were via Crispi: I’m the last trainer in my family.In 1970, at the age of 26, I took this attraction instead, while my brother took KissExpress, the self-covering carousel, and we’re still here today “Valeriano and Giancarlo, as well as 70 other attraction owners, will be the main characters in the lunar park in Varese which opens on Saturday 26 March.

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