translated into Italian poem by Victor Hugo

Literary cafe at Meletti, there is a gem: for the first time poetry by Victor Hugo has been translated into Italian. Tomassini exhibits

ASCOLI PICENO – The end of the first cycle of the literary coffee, a beautiful and successful initiative of Caffè Meletti in Ascoli, is with a real literary gem. A poem by Victor Hugo translated into Italian for the first time ever was presented, read and commented on Thursday, July 28 at 5:30 p.m.

The curator of the Caffè Letterario del Meletti, the poetess Franca Maroni, has thought of an event within the event. “In the heart of Victor Hugo” was the theme of the appointment, which immerses itself in the world of the famous French writer and poet, exponent of romanticism. The poem was translated by Franco Luzi, a former lecturer and profound literary scholar from Ascoli, while the journalist Filippo Ferretti will recite it.

Victor Hugo’s poetry can therefore be considered an unpublished work. “It represents – explains Franca Maroni – a kind of conversion of the poet after the death of his daughter, a few months after his marriage, during a shipwreck in the Seine. It is a conversion because the author has gone from anger to acceptance to the point of thanking God for to have given that daughter to him, now convinced that the destiny which has been reserved for her is that which God has deemed best for her. A moving story rendered in verse and translated for the first time into our language”.

The literary café on Thursday was the fourth in a row after the beginning of March. Now there will be an August break and it will resume in September with another interesting program. The result of the initiative is very positive: the participation has always been great, which allows Caffè Meletti to further strengthen its role also in promoting culture. Under the artistic direction of the architect Anna Monini, the historian of Piazza del Popolo, with its fascinating environment of freedom and its specialties, also thanks to literary events, is a simply unique place full of stimuli.
Not just literature, though, for the bulletin board edited by Franca Maroni. On Thursday, culture also weakened in music, with performances by the Pescara duo Eugenio Caronna (guitar) and Stefano Cutilli (clarinet), and in painting with the exhibition of works by Ascoli Leopoldo Tomassini that have already had the opportunity to be appreciated at Meletti. The works of Leopoldo Tomassini, 85, inexhaustible creativity, are made of living matter and captivating shades. His acrobats represent man in search of himself. Leopoldo Tomassini also painted “See you at Meletti”, a canvas that he donated to the cafe and to the city.

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