Treccani chooses Caffè Meletti to inaugurate the tour in ” Contemporary Art ” – picenotime

It is the first international encyclopedia of 20th century art. In the local historian in Piazza del Popolo, the presentation will be curated by Professor Stefano Papetti. Representatives of the prestigious National Institute were present

Braidsin the collective imagination, almost a century after its founding, still represents the authority of an accredited, scientifically certified content, an expression of a desire for verification at the highest possible level.

From the construction company of 1925, between the two wars, but not only for this brave and far-sighted, time has passed at the Venice Biennale (2021), but the method of approaching news has not changed.

At the prestigious event, Treccani had been invited to present the four-part work “Contemporary Art”, the first international encyclopedia to examine the “discourse” of 20th century art and the last twenty years.

Thinking about the right context, where to inaugurate a series of events linked to the opera and which will follow in the coming months, Ascoli, Piazza del Popolo and Caffè Meletti immediately represented a perfect paradigm.

So the idea of ​​proposing something broader than a simple presentation, but to take the opportunity to organize a “Treccani day” all from Ascoli, next 5 June.

Not even Longino Carducci, president of Caffè Meletti srl remained unharmed from this type of “submission” for the name Treccani: «Since I was a boy, I got an impression of psychological submission to Treccani, I felt reverence, before I owned a wonderful instrument of knowledge. I think it’s thanks to my mother, an elementary school teacher, who tells me how and where to do the research for school work. Today, when I still have Treccani’s books around me, I feel even more the value of their greatness. “Because I can make a comparison between the search method we find available on Google – fast and efficient, sure, but often superficial – and the search method, if we want traditional: search, find obstacles, go back, satisfy the evenings to know”.

THE PROGRAM – Sunday, June 5 starts at 15.30, with a guided tour (booked at by Professor Stefano Papetti, director of the Civic Museums of Ascoli, at the exhibition “I SEARCH OF BEAUTY. CAVALLINI SGARBI COLLECTION” at Palazzo dei Capitani, also in Piazza del Popolo.

The day continues at 5.30 pm, at Caffè Meletti (in this case no reservation is required), with a convivial moment that will accompany the presentation of the encyclopedic work on contemporary art, also by Professor Papetti. Representatives of the Treccani Institute will speak. Afterwards, the dinner is specially designed to end the day in style (info and booking for dinner: 366/3192078).

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