Trieste Coffee Festival. The coffee week ends successfully

Trieste Coffee Week ends with the Moka Challange and the Capo in B Championship. Large turnout between Palazzo Gopcevich and Piazza della Borsa.

This week’s edition of Trieste Coffee Festival with the Capo in B Championship race at Villaggio del Caffè in Piazza della Borsa in Trieste with exhibitors from local coffee roasters Bloom Specialty Coffee, Primo Aroma Roasting And Coffee roasting San Giusto. There was a strong turnout for a challenge to the last cappuccino in a glass which saw nine contestants, some of whom are already well-known faces. The Capo in B Championship was created in collaboration with FIPE Trieste and had sensory judges as referees Fabrizio PolojazPresident ofTrieste Coffee Association and owner of First aroma, Omar Zidarichchairman of Italian Coffee Roasters Group and commercial director of Excelsior Industria Caffè Roasted, Tjasa Milkovicthree-time Chief B Championship champion, e Ivo FiligiQuality and training manager for Torrefazione Goriziana.

Trieste Coffee Festival Winner of the Capo In B Championship

Five minutes are available to prepare four identical “articles in B” to be served to the jury with a manual test and an artistic touch of latte art. Elements evaluated: precision and purity, execution, appropriate proportions between espresso, milk and foam, milk consistency, flavor balance, preparation and final decoration. Angela Filardo is the winner of the seventh edition of the Capo in B Championship of Bar H24 which stood out for its precision in the execution routine.

The festival, promoted by the Caffè Trieste Association, was organized by Freshmedia srl ​​and enjoys co-organization by the Municipality of Triestehad the support of important technical sponsors such as Doge for espresso machines for both competitions and exhibitors, Friulian dairies for the milk used during the Capo in B competition, Quamar for speed grinders, DM Italy for equipment, BWT Water & More for water, Amigos Caffè for coffee mixes for competitions, Pacorini Silocaf And Italspurghi ecology to set up the showrooms.

Trieste Coffee Festival Moka Challenge Winner

The very first edition of the “Moka Competition” was also very successful, held on Saturday 5th November, which saw many curious and lovers of the Italian coffee maker flock to the competition.. Ten minutes of time available for each participant: the winning recipe was made by choosing the right proportion between grams of coffee and milliliters of water for an excellent coffee prepared with mocha. Winner Mauro Gasparettocoffee lovers, who have won with their grinder judges Lucio del Piccolo, historical researcher and collector, Paolo Zuccacoffee expert and Alberto Polojaccreator of the festival.
As usual, during the Trieste Coffee Festival, moments of study dedicated to professionals and more engaging events for the general public alternate: Moka Challenge and Capo in B Championship. Only in this way is it possible to embrace a very large audience and bring it closer to the coffee sector, one of the festival’s main goalscomments Alberto Polojac.

Great satisfaction for the seventh edition also by the president of the Trieste Coffee Association, Fabrizio Polojaz: We are very happy that the Trieste Coffee Festival is back in the square, the event open to the public, which ends this long month dedicated to coffee, which started on October 1 with the International Coffee Day and in which the Trieste Coffee Association was also involved. for FAI Autumn Days and Triestespresso Expo. All the elements that confirm Trieste as the city of coffee.

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