Two pulyCAFF meetings at Tirreno CT

The 42nd edition of Tirreno CT – Hospitality Italy, scheduled for 4 to 7 March at the Carrara Exhibition Center, will host the first dedicated grinding competition. Thanks to pulyCAFFcleaning of coffee machines and equipment will play a major role.

Perfect grinding
The first date is Sunday 6 March with the first stage of the brand new international Master Coffee Grinder Championship competition, created by Fabio Verona, teacher Iiac, trainer for Costadoro and author of the book Barista Profession – Practical manual for the perfect espresso. The test – which lasts for 15 minutes – consists of getting in the cup an espresso with a sensory profile as close as possible to that described by the step’s sponsor: a result to be achieved by repeated procedures on the grinding and dose, accompanied by tests of verify.

PulyCAFF takes care of ensuring all competing identical competition conditions, not conditioned by residues that accumulate quickly and make the ground irregular. sponsor of the event.

It is used to better clean the grinders and the grinding chamber from coffee deposits pulyGRIND Crystals: its crystals based on gluten-free starch, perfectly calibrated, they remove all coffee deposits and is highly absorbent for oils and fats. It is available in the package with 10 bags of 15 grams and in the new, practical and convenient package of 405 grams, innovative in use and comfortable. The cleaning of the container will be done with a quick fit inside it with the cleaner pulyGRIND Hopper and a paper towel. To all competitors and judges compete the bag with pulyCAFF products.

Maintenance goals
Monday 7 March at 11, for all operators in the world of coffee and coffee lovers, the meeting is at Italcaffè – pav. B, file 17, booth 424-425, which proposes workshop “Cleaning of equipment with pulyCAFF”, is owned by the brand ambassador Andrea Antonelli. It is a valuable opportunity to learn or review the maintenance techniques for the espresso machine, coffee grinder and other extraction tools, essential for those who want to provide extra equipment to their offering through proper cleaning of equipmentwith products designed to be friends with machines and operators.

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