“Un Granaio di Libri”, Friday October 30 at Corsino bar an afternoon of collective reading

The Ministry of Culture of the Veneto Region organizes the sixth edition of the reading marathon “The Veneto Law” on Friday, September 30, 2022, an event under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

It is an event that brings together for one day educators and all actors in the book supply chain to promote reading and books, involving the main bodies (schools, libraries, bookstores, publishers, professional readers), and targeting all citizens with the aim of contributing to make the practice of reading a social habit, widespread and recognized.

Friday, September 30, 2022 “Veneto reads” in designated places but also in private homes, in institutional places, in nursing homes, squares, libraries, schools, parks, shops or even online, etc. It will be read to children, adults, for those who can read and for those who have not yet learned, for passionate readers and non-readers, and to affirm the social value of reading. A real reading marathon, which will also have a “warm-up” during the previous days.

The main theme that will guide this year’s readings is mountain and mountain literature in its broadest and most daring forms.

It should be remembered that Chioggia received the qualification “City that reads” and established the “Pact of reading”, which is part of the “Sabbadino” municipal library, with a coordination table made up of various associations, reading groups and schools in our area.

The popular University of Chioggia and the ProLoco of Chioggia and Sottomarina follow this pact and propose the event of the moment: The Literary Coffee, a real reading route in the cafes of Chioggia.

Cafes, especially in Chioggia, have always represented an environment where life scenes, individual and community stories find their place in the daily dialectic. Bringing the reading and sharing of books to such places also means telling an urban culture made up of stories, words, ciacole, stories, poetry. Coffee as a place for citizen participation also through reading aloud, stimulating the curiosity of those present, raising awareness and encouraging young and old to read.

In Chioggia there will be two scheduled meetings, in symbolic places of our city:

– Thursday September 29, sitting in the cafe “Officina Alcolica” in Campo Duomo, in the shadow of the bell tower

– Friday September 30, sitting in the cafe “Corsino” on Piazzetta Granaio. This event has also been called “A barn of books”, and wants to dedicate it to the beauty of the historical building, probably the future cultural container of Chioggia.

Appointment at the places indicated from 17:30 to 18:30, sip a coffee with a book in hand, be sure to help spend a beautiful early autumn afternoon together.

In case of bad weather, the events will be held at the popular university headquarters in the former elementary school “Principe Amedeo” in calle Cesare Battisti.

The initiators explain: “We have selected books related to this year’s theme, to which we will add other important readings.

Participation is free, we actually invite people to bring a book they love, for shared reading.

Of course, we hope that “Literary Coffee” will get a good response, because it is our intention to export it to other places, maybe make it a fixed and long-awaited time.

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