Under Caffé Stadium’s (protected) sign will be the Pastò restaurant

from Paolo Coccorese

The venue at the top of the Trip Advisor ranking moves to the premises of the historic bar in Corso Vittorio, reminiscent of the Crocetta Stadium

The sign is always there, looking down on passers-by on Corso Vittorio, as a reminder of a Turin that no longer exists. The “Gran Caffè Stadium” was for almost half a century one of the most representative places in the center, wrapped in its aura of elegance and amarcord of a past mothball with that name linked to the first arena, Crocetta’s, thrown down to make way for the nearby University of Applied Sciences. In the recent period, after a long closure, the hatches had been reopened under the leadership of Ekxi’s biological format. But after the ax of the pandemic, everything had once again been shrouded in silence. Until a few days ago, the workers came from the construction site of the “new house” in Pastò. The restaurant, now in via Sant’Antonio da Padova, should move in a few months.

Highly reviewed on the web
After climbing the Trip Advisor rankings (it has dropped to fourth place a few months ago), Pastò, the bistro specializing in home-made fresh pasta with ancient grain flour, is expanding. «We plan to open at the end of the year. The investment, for the purchase of the license and the renovation, is about 300 thousand euros”, says Gianluca Cerrato, the creator of a format that started in 2018. Civil engineer, he has chosen to dedicate himself to catering to solve a known problem of those who (still) working in the office. «We wanted to overturn the idea of ​​those who go on their lunch break to eat a simple plate of pasta and return to work with an upset stomach. For this reason, we have decided to focus on a product without additives, simple. Pasta with a semolina of old and Italian grains. Made with an engineered system, in a room with an open kitchen ».

Betting and politics
At the beginning the goal was abroad, then the project was born after the success of turning the restaurant in via Sant’Antonio into a large laboratory and relying on a restaurant with three times the number of seats (they will go from 22 to 60) in a much more visible location , that is, in corso Vittorio. There, where there was the “famous” Caffé Stadium which in the eighties was a counter frequented not only by sports betting lovers, but also by part of the city’s political world. In 1985, it was in the bar under the arcades that the Guardia di Finanza stopped Commissioner Giuseppe Rolando, who was then accused of extortion. Socialist exponent of Mayor Cardetti’s junta, his name is linked to the “revolution” of traffic and the first “intelligent traffic lights”.

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