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Yerba Mate: the amazing slimming drink that you can make right at home. You can use it by replacing it with coffee

Yerba Mate, a typical infusion of Latin America (Photo by ihor_konst from Pixabay)


Every place in the world has its own customs and its rituals, in fact, just like in our country – and other European countries and the world – coffee represents a real daily ritual, in other places there are drinks too”Precious” in this context. In some areas the coffee comes replaced from herbal infusions or herbal teas, the benefits of which are absolute Extraordinary for body and soul. An example is Yerba Mate, widespread mostly in South America, loved and, as we have said, very good property. But we’ll find out more about that. It will be a really, really nice, surprise.

Yerba Mate: Origin and Properties

the benefits of the South American infusion
Yerba Mate in a typical cup with straw (Photo by Federico Lubo Millán from Pixabay)

As we mentioned in the introduction, each Country have their own traditions. Latin America seems to be known foruse Yerba Mate daily, infused enormous and beneficial also known as Mate. It is about one Plant originally from South America, belonging family of Aquifoliaceae, from whose leaves a infusion with a thousand properties. The countries where this custom it seems really important and extreme widespread they are mainly Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

More than a custom, it’s a real one riteperformed daily, just as for us in Italy it can be consumption some coffee. This drink has property energizing, as well as slimming and digestion. Many are, among other things, the famous people who do it Good use and which have been immortalized at various moments by day with a cup of this infusion in your hands.

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The leaf of this infusion is rich in many properties absolutely beneficial for the body, including phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and C, selenium and iron. Contains very little caffeine and also has refreshing properties. can combat obesity and diabetes are very good ally for slimming also for its diuretic properties. Fat burning naturaltaking this infusion our body will get a feeling of satiety that will prevent us from eating too much food.

Antioxidant and rich in substances nutritious, has the gift of facilitating in addition the natural ones processes digestion and supplies the body’s cells with energy necessary. However, this brew has its own contraindications: it is strongly discouraged for whom suffers high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems or insomnia. The Afford it is therefore not to exaggerate in the assumption.

Yerba Mate: preparation of the infusion

Prepare Mate is pretty simple. First of all, it is necessary fill a container with the leaves up to just over half. Close the container and shake it vigorously to allow the leaves to be pulverized in a way improve. Then create one crater in the center of the leaves and then add the water warm. It is not necessary toboilingit will be enough to insert the typical drinking straw, called “bombilla“.

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If it was the friend purchased already dry, the preparation is almost like any other infusion which we know and use well. This Extraordinary product can be purchased both online and in a enough easy, in any herbalist shop well provided.

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