use this scrap and you won’t regret it

This simple food waste will be enough to make your plants healthy and strong: once you find out how, you will never throw them away again.

The more time passes, the more plants have become indispensable elements in our homes. Some used to only beautify our environments, others instead with very specific functions, just like these which are perfect for keeping flies and mosquitoes away from our homes.

Plant waste. Credit: Adobe Stock

Obviously, like all living things, plants will also need care and attention. There will be some that won’t need who knows what, such as succulents, while others will need more attention, especially at certain times of the year. That’s why before you buy one, you’d be wise to inform yourself about everything they need and if the temperature you have in your home is suitable for them. Those lucky enough to have the famous “green thumb” will surely know the best choice to make and will know how to always keep them on top.

This will be the perfect waste that takes care of your plants: they will be beautiful, healthy and lush

One of the important things to know to always have plants in perfect health is that it is not enough to just water them when needed, but it will be very important to keep all kinds of parasites away from them, just think of the damage that aphids can cause to realize their danger. . And although there are many types of antiparasites on the market, today we want to make you an absolutely incredible revelation.

waste facilities
Take care of the plants. Credit: Adobe Stock

As we said therefore, it is absolutely essential to avoid our plants being attacked by parasites, if we always want to keep them in good health.

That is why today grandmother’s remedy will come to our aid again and will reveal an absolutely incredible trick.

In fact, we will soon reveal how a simple food waste will become our faithful ally against parasites.

All you need is onion peel. Yes, you read that right, they will be our ace in the hole.

To make them effective, this is how you need to proceed:

  1. Take a pan full of water and put it on the fire
  2. Put inside, the skins of about 500 g of onion
  3. Bring everything boils
  4. Once the temperature is reached, turn off the flame and let it cool
  5. Now you just have to filter the liquid is obtained using a strainer with a narrow mesh size
  6. Transfer it in a spray bottle
  7. When the bottle is closed, vaporize the insecticide mixture on your plants and you will see that no insects will attack them.

A simple, quick and cheap trick, which allows you to always have strong and lush plants. Try it now and you will be able to get the balcony you always wanted.

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