Viareggio, in the Promenade sharply rising the price of a cup of coffee – Chronicle

Viareggio, April 9, 2022 – Cup on the Walk can be a luxury. With the increase in the cost of raw materials due to the first pandemic crisis and now the war, Galliano has decided to set coffee at 1.30 euros and decaffeinated at 1.40.

“It is a consequence of the excessive increase in raw materials – explains Roberto Vannozzi about the historic coffee in the good salon, which turns 100 in 2023 – and of services. In principle, all raw materials: goods, gasoline, electricity, gas, etc. I Forte dei Marmi it has already cost 1 euro and 30 cents for a while and I think the others will also adapt to Passeggiata.On the other hand it is only an increase of 8% a bit, because if you continue like this, with all these problems you can even reach two euros Unfortunately, coffee has increased and it is a bit because there are transport problems: if previously costing to rent a container 600 euros, now if they have to spend 2000. In Brazil, the money with truck drivers, who release “coffee from the plantations to the port of Santos, which is the boarding place. So far fewer ships are going and fewer and fewer coffee are arriving. increase is inevitable. Other increases? No, at the table we left everything unchanged ato”.

The Walk, closed during this period between carnival and Easter, seems to be on alert due to the weather: cold, clouds, wind and water have widened the avenue to the sea in April. And tourists and foreigners are not visible.

“If the weather is good,” Vannozzi continues, “the Italians will come for Easter. The summer? It’s an unknown, because Covid reappears and then there is the war that scares many people. The Russians will not come, let’s hope that everything ends as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we also have to deal with the street furniture, which is definitely not the best, and with the asphalt full of holes. ” Let’s add architectural barriers such as sidewalks and the elderly prefer to go and pick upand coffee in Lido because they risk not falling. For several years, the salon has mourned the deaths of public companies, mostly replaced by franchise chains: in recent years, Odeon, Balena, Caffè 22, Bar Orsi and recently New York have disappeared.

“Crisis at the bar? It’s a difficult job that requires a lot of you, from morning to night – Vannozzi concludes – and the profit margins are getting smaller and smaller. People no longer consume as they once did, then it was Covid who broke everyone’s legs. 2020 was a tragedy, 2021 went better, but we are still in 2019 more or less with 25/30%. In 2020, it was a reduction from 30 to 40%, then it started again with 10% ”.

At the same time, there is tension over the new role of president by Natural Shopping Center, as President Oreste Bergamini of Fappani will resign and therefore the Council will meet shortly to elect a new leader for the exhibitors of the Promenade. Walk that is no longer a meeting place for young people or adults. How long ago are the days of the benches, where dozens of young people (and others) gathered to talk about everything and more. Replaced today by chatting on WhatsApp.


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