Viareggio, the last coffee in New York. “But it’s not goodbye, see you soon”

Stefano Niccolai and Maria Cristina Franceschi’s management ends after eight years: “There were no more conditions to continue”

VIAREGGIO. Today is the last day of activity for Caffè New York with the management Stefano Nicocolai and Maria Cristina Franceschithe announcement was made from the local Facebook page.

«Eight years of operation. A success thank you to all of you who every day with your presence have given us the support to move forward. Without you, New York would not be what it is now. Sunday will be our last day, thank you very much to everyone ».

A communication aimed primarily at loyal customers who have grown day by day over the years, thanks to the professionalism and expertise that one of the historic bars in the city and especially on the Promenade has been managed with. “After the lease, despite ourselves, we had to make this decision – says Marina Cristina – sorry, because the bar has really grown in recent years and to leave it was not our intention, but there was no other option. And we were forced to take this decision ».

Two months ago, a new restaurant experience also began on the provincial road to Camaiore, 278 / a with “La Locanda Il Riccio”. “This opportunity has come and so we wanted to start this new experience – says Niccolai – as always in our work we put a lot of enthusiasm, so even in this case we are ready to give our customers the best.”

The news could not end here, however, even if those directly involved do not want to overbalance themselves too much, but there may be some other surprises on the horizon, just wait. “We can not say anything, but if they are roses, as they say in these cases, they will bloom.” Then we will be the first to let you participate, if there is more news ».

When we return to Caffè New York it has been a point of reference for many customers, both local and outside, who have known about it over time, and even in this case there are many aficionados who came specifically to spend a few hours on this place.

“We also did our part to promote local tourism – says Niccolai – with various initiatives, as an example we organized evenings with the summer carnival and these were very popular, because there were times where everyone pampered themselves and spent moments of ease. With Given certain situations that then unfortunately arose, we, like many, were forced to interrupt the various initiatives, which have always seen us at the forefront, because we believe that we traders, if there is an opportunity to promote the city, it is in everyone’s interest, because we are practically all in the same boat. It would have been nice to be able to continue our journey we took with New York, but it worked out ».

There have been many testimonies of esteem and affection that have come during these hours. “Your strength will turn into another, I’m sure, beautiful adventure you are a big hug”, he writes Giuseppe Bonacoscia. To which the comment is added Paola Serni: «In life there are different chapters as in a book, one beautiful chapter is over and another just as beautiful will surely begin. It will be difficult to think of New York without Stefano and Cristina ».

For Maurizio Urigu «You have been a point of reference and relaxation both with my daughter and with my partner. There, after 30 years, I reunited the old gang with a big party. When a door closes, a door opens, this is our job, leave me a table (code name Jury), a hug to you all ». In the end Gianmaria Mallegni highlights: «A nice family, a place where I have always felt at home. Thank you for the pleasant time together between one evening and the next ».


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