Viterbo – Fraudulent bankruptcy of Macaf Trading srl, “king” of coffee Maurizio Capoccetti arrested

Antonio Glorioso (both with the electronic bracelet) is also under house arrest. Cousins ​​Antero and Francesco Capoccetti are also being investigated

VITERBO – In the provinces of Viterbo and Lazio, there are few people who have never tasted Capoccetti coffee blends. This time, however, the news is not the quality of the coffee beans from Brazil or other countries, but the fact that the heir to the large Viterbo family, Maurizio Capoccetti, ended up under house arrest accused of fraudulent bankruptcy by his Macaf Trading srl.

Fiamme Gialle di Roma, at the disposal of Gaspare Sturzo, a judge in Rome’s court, carried out the action against Maurizio Capoccetti (limited to house arrest) together with his partner Antonio Glorioso, 52, who allegedly contributed to the crime of fraudulent bankruptcy while cousins ​​Antero and Francesco Capoccetti. 63 and 47 years, are investigated.

Fraudulent bankruptcy, the king of coffee Maurizio Capoccetti was arrested. Four suspects. A second person, Antonio Glorioso, 52, is also under house arrest as the 57-year-old entrepreneur for fraudulent bankruptcy, while two relatives of Maurizio, cousins ​​Antero and Francesco Capoccetti, 63 and 47, are being investigated for the same crime.

The historic company in the roasting sector, Macaf Trading srl, based in Poggino, was declared bankrupt by the bankruptcy court in Rome in 2018.

Maurizio Capoccetti and Glorioso, the judge of the preliminary investigations at the court in Rome, ordered house arrest reinforced with the electronic bracelet, with an absolute ban on communicating with anyone other than the family unit and their lawyers and on the use of telematics or computer tools and telephones.

Measures that are “combined” with the interim measure interim measure, for six months, from practicing the profession of entrepreneur and annex.

“In order to compete with each other and in their respective qualities – the regulation reads – by systematically failing to pay taxes to the Treasury, taxes, duties, chamber rights, social security contributions and insurance contributions, VAT, Ires and Irap, starting from” in 1999 and until the date of bankruptcy, for the total amount corresponding to EUR 1,246,623.28, of which EUR 93,273.68 granted in a passive state made enforceable on 11.21.2018 caused and in any case corresponded to cause with intentional negligence and also due to fraudulent transactions referred to in point (c), the company’s bankruptcy. With the aggravating circumstance of having caused a material damage of significant seriousness and committed several acts of fraudulent bankruptcy ”.

Presumption of innocence
A suspect is simply a person against whom preliminary investigations are being conducted in a criminal case.

In the Italian penal system, the presumption of innocence applies until the final sentence. Presumption of innocence based on Article 27 of the Italian Constitution, according to which a person “shall not be held guilty until the final judgment”.

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