watch out for this coffee, we all drink it but …

Hard to give up the coffee break. Still, according to experts, the most popular properties are those that are most harmful to cholesterol levels.

Given that water can not be included in any ranking, coffee is the most consumed beverage by Italians. It seems even more than milk. A fact that may not surprise so much.

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Once you reach adulthood, it becomes a difficult task to give up the enjoyment of a good coffee. Although the benefits attributed to the blend are not so much perceived, on the spot, the coffee represents a kind of moment of socialization. I actually barely take one myself. Yes, especially at work, the coffee break it is the most unifying thing that can exist. A parenthesis from the working menage, a break that allows you to ease the burden and exchange a few words with colleagues, about tasks or even about privacy. All in the space of a cup, to be enjoyed in peace and quiet and enjoy every moment. Who would have thought that a drink could have such an effect? Probably, at the societal level, more of an accident than any aperitif.

It is obvious that such a popular drink has been the subject of over the years a series of in-depth analyzes. And definitely not on the anthropological or sociological level. Coffee, with its properties, can have certain effects that are not exactly desirable, especially at the cardiovascular level. And it is not a matter of brands or processing techniques. Or at least not just. All of them are noticed by experts, who indicate both the benefits and the possible side effects of excessive consumption of coffee. A healthy individual, according to various studies, could easily tolerate three or four cups a day. However, be careful not to overdo it.

Beware of coffee: precisely this quality increases the risk of heart attack

According to a study published in the BMJ Journal and conducted by a group of Norwegian researchers, the type of coffee also makes a difference. The effects would be particularly visible on cholesterol as with its accumulation in the blood, it can have consequences even serious ones, such as heart disease. The analysis was extended to over 20 thousand consumers, of which the cholesterol level in the blood was analyzed after their daily coffee consumption had been emptied, in the order of about 4 cups per day (women) or 5 (men). Specifically, the qualities have been divided into four groups, namely filtered, coffee maker, espresso and fast. Criteria were provided for each to define the cholesterol levels associated with their consumption.

From the data that emerged, the best quality would be the first. The filtrate would actually increase cholesterol levels slightly. The levels of the preparation in the coffee pot are only slightly higher. The last two categories, ie the most consumed, would be the worst from this point of view. Espresso coffee, according to experts, equal cholesterol of 0.16 and 0.09 mml per liter for men and women. For instantaneous, however, the increase would be 0.08 and 0.1, respectively. In practice, the recommendation would be to reduce the consumption of coffee in its most popular forms. Paradoxically, just those who create that sociability that was said about. On the other hand, the protection of health requires sacrifices.

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