We always made a mistake when we turned the sugar in the coffee, but here is the correct way to get more aroma and taste

Coffee is a world tradition, but espresso is an Italian tradition. Nowadays it is drunk all over the world and in two very widespread ways. In a restaurant or hotel, it is easy to ask for a cup of coffee or an espresso.

Although much coffee is consumed in Italy, Italians are not the biggest drinkers. Finns are the largest coffee consumers in the world. It seems that they consume 12 kg per person every year. On the other hand, in cold areas it is easier to warm up with a good hot drink.

However, the most popular beverage in the world is tea. It is widely used in the East as well as in India. A special tea is also drunk in the African desert and in the areas of Morocco. It seems to have some beneficial effects on emptying the stomach and making the stomach flatter. It is prepared with green tea and mint leaves. It is a refreshing drink and is especially welcome in hot weather.

But let’s go back to our Italian coffee. Before espresso became the most popular way to prepare it, the Neapolitan coffee maker was used. A system that is still valid today, because it gives a more aromatic coffee. In fact, the water is filtered through the coffee powder by natural fall. It is not printed, as in suede, by pressure.

We have always been wrong to turn the sugar in the coffee, but here is the correct way to get more aroma and taste

Whether you use the coffee maker or coffee at the bar, there is always time to add sugar. At this point, many take the spoons and stir the coffee as usual.

It may seem strange, but the coffee must be turned anyway, even if the sugar is not added. At the bar, the coffee slowly drips into the cup. The different substances do not accumulate uniformly and equally. Some lighter ones remain above, others go down to the bottom instead. If you want to get the most out of your coffee, it’s best to turn it around. But we’re always made the mistake of turning sugar into coffee, and here’s why.

At the bottom of the cup we find the substances that give body to the coffee. Above those that release aromas like oils and polyphenols. If we wanted a harmonious taste between body and aroma, the coffee should be mixed. This is regardless of whether you add sugar or not. If we did not do this, we would drink a coffee that is first full-bodied and bitter, then watery and aromatic.

How to turn coffee into a cup

How you mix the coffee is also important. Turning it as usual may not mix the different substances in the coffee well. The best way is to mix it by dipping the spoon and then picking it up. In this way, even the famous cream so good on the palate will be able to bring its aromas to the fullest and bitterest part of the coffee.

It also seems that it is the right way, even according to etiquette, to mix the coffee in the cup.


Water is not only important, but a creamy coffee that is obtained in a coffee pot with an ancient secret

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