We are almost always wrong but these are the ingredients not to have in the coffee according to experts

How nice it is to open your eyes in the morning and smell the coffee coming from the kitchen. It reminds us a little of our childhood, when our mother came to wake us up and breakfast was ready.

Fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, biscuits, cereals, rusks, jams and of course coffee can not be missed on the set table. There are those who just drink it naturally and those who prefer to combine it with a cup of milk to make a cappuccino or a latte macchiato. We are almost always wrong but we do not realize it.

However, many people use to add other ingredients to the classic cup of black coffee, and prefer it with a different taste than what we could define as “pure”.

One of these is sugar, as many consumers and caffeine lovers prefer sweet coffee. In fact, not everyone likes its bitter aftertaste and that is why they choose some changes that make it more pleasant for (their) palate.

We always talk about choices and personal taste, but are we sure that some ingredients do not definitely ruin the true taste of coffee? Let’s see what some professionals in the sector think and what their advice is on the subject.

We are almost always wrong but these are the ingredients not to have in the coffee according to experts

Coffee experts, including many employees in the restaurant industry, suggest avoiding products that could jeopardize their original taste.

Among these is certainly the sweetener, which risks completely changing the scent of our beloved black gold. Admittedly, sugar also changes its taste, but to a lesser extent, especially based on the type of sugar we use.

Sugar cane, for example, is less sweet than the classic white and that is why many people prefer it. Let’s go to a second ingredient that should be eliminated almost like the plague if we do not want to ruin our good coffee: alcohol.

We assume that if we want to drink it to wake up in the morning or after lunch, it will have the opposite result if we correct it with alcohol. Especially if we have an empty stomach, even a sip of sambuca, vodka, whiskey or grappa can stun us, if anything.

And then the correct coffee looks more like a digestion and not the classic drink as we understand it.

Milk, friend and foe

We end with the third ingredient that we should not add to the much-loved cup so as not to drastically ruin it, milk. Many people choose macchiato instead of the traditional one and so far no problem. But pay attention to the type of milk used, because whole or vegetable one could completely cover the taste and thus give an unpleasant taste.

We are almost always wrong, but a few tips are enough to enjoy all the good in the truest flavors.


This is why many people prefer to drink coffee in a glass instead of the classic cup

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