We just need to use one drop of this amazing ingredient

We know very well how much the coffee machine is one of the most common and most used objects in the homes of us Italians. The culture of Bel Paese is actually inevitably based on this delicious drink. And most of us can not start the day on the right foot and the energy required without taking at least one sip.
But in this case, in order to really enjoy the delicious taste of coffee, we should also have a good suede to accompany. The coffee machine and the way we store it is actually crucial to get a good result and to make a really excellent and delicious drink.

Cleaning a mocha that seems to be thrown away will be a breeze to know the cures that the grandmothers have that help us on many occasions

Unfortunately, it happens very often that the coffee mocha is damaged or burned. This is quite normal and common and, without a shadow of a doubt, it has happened to virtually every one of us at least once in our lives. If you use the machine more than once a day, it seems almost inevitable to damage or burn it, obviously unnoticed. In this case, the coffee produced is certainly more bitter and certainly far from the taste that many of us are looking for.
When we end up in this situation, instead of buying a new suede, we can try some grandmother’s remedies to save the one we already have. And in this case, we could count on the amazing lemon.

We only need to use a drop of this fantastic ingredient if the suede is roasted and makes a really undrinkable coffee.

Almost all of us will surely have some lemon in the fridge to use to save the coffee machine.
In this case, we take a bowl of heated water and sprinkle some lemon juice inside it. Then pour in 2 teaspoons of vinegar, a pinch of salt and a drop of detergent. We dip our suede and let it work for at least one night, and put the lemon peel in the water to let the machine absorb this good scent.
The next day, let’s rinse it normally.
We will notice that many burnt stains may already be gone. In particular, the lemon will degrease the surface, which will help us achieve the desired result. And we just have to use a drop of this amazing ingredient to make our coffee maker shine.
If, on the other hand, we see that this method does not give the desired results, let us not despair. In fact, even in this case, we avoid throwing away our coffee suede. We will be able to use our machine in many different ways thanks to creative recycling, save money and give life to really interesting and original creations.

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