what is proffee, the viral drink popular on TikTok

Espresso, americano, cappuccino, frappuccino, hot or cold macchiato. To this already long and incomplete list of drinks based on coffee another must be added, which has become a trend on the web and can attract the curiosity of many users: the so-called and very viral pro.

The name of the drink is son of a crasis. More precisely, a crunch between the words coffee And protein. Hence Proffeen, a new drink that has been around for the past few weeks depopulation on social networksespecially on Tick ​​thanks. There, obviously, the latest trends (more or less reliable and truthful) now also start on a gastronomic theme. The fact is: for a people with a coffee culture like ours, it can seem like one crime of treasonbut especially abroad Profee has become (more or less inexplicably) one of them most shared drinks in the mare magnum of social networks.


A mixture of coffee and proteins (all with the addition of ice) able to capture the curiosity, especially of fitness enthusiasts, always attentive to nutrition and attracted by the idea of take protein even during the most classical of coffee. The properties of the proteins themselves are added to the energizing ability provided by caffeine, for a seemingly healthy drink suitable for sports enthusiasts. Apparently, right, because when it comes to things to eat (or drink), when it comes to integrating a normal (and regular) diet, it’s always better to consult someone. expert. And don’t follow simple tiktokers or influencers with little knowledge of facts.

How proffee is made and why it is depopulated

As mentioned, we are talking about a mixture of coffee and protein (mostly powder), possibly based on collagen, substance that can provide benefits for the skin. It is in fact a protein at the base of the structure of skinable to contribute toelasticity and al Welfare of fabrics. Having said that, but as with all supplements (protein powders primarily), the opinion of a expert, be able to indicate (case by case) the actual need and then the possible amount of proteins to be consumed. Everything, always good to specify, within one varied and balanced diet which, however, may need to be integrated in some cases. Metabolism, routine and physical activity are other variants to consider. In short, we understand how it’s a theme that goes far beyond simple sharing on TikTok. And hundreds of thousands of shares are not enough to make this trend, like many others, reliable.


Pcoffee, as various nutritionists claim, if taken in the right doses, it can be an ally to the body, the important thing is not to abuse it. In short, it is better to avoid a drink of this type taken daily. In the morning, after all, what could be better than a good (and traditional) coffee?

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