What is the best coffee for mocha? The definitive classic arrives: on the podium

With all types on the market, how can we go about choosing one blend for suede over another? Let’s see the ranking that appeared that decrees the three best blenders on the market.

Coffee beans (Photo by Alexas for Pixabay)


They come to Bel Paese every day served over 3 billion cups to the 20 million people who enter one of the 140,000 premises in the area.

People see drinking coffee as an indispensable ritual that not only provides the necessary energy to get off to a good start but also to socialize from the early hours of the day.

We have already talked a lot about what best time to drink coffeetoday we want to emphasize the issue of the best brands of coffee for mocha in Italy at the moment.

It was born a few weeks ago Chameleonthe first 2022 guide to Italian coffee and roasting companies which also tells you the best blends/brands of moka you can buy to enjoy all the flavors of the most authentic coffee.

The 8 best brands of coffee for mocha are: here is the ranking of Camaleonte

When you buy a coffee for mocha, are the aspects to be considered tobstructionL‘toGypsy, where mixture Robusta or Arabica, the gus to and that cremosity.


All these aspects have been taken into account by the “Nasi” experts from Camaleonte magazine who have produced the definitive ranking of the brands that best represent, in their opinion, the perfect combination of an impeccable blend.


  • Premio Moka Blend Canephora prevalence: Buonaroma di Julius Meinl
  • Premio Moka Arabica prevalence blend: 100% Arabica di Aiello coffee
  • Moka Specialty Award: Vanguard II by 1895 coffee designers by Lavazza
  • 100% Arabica Moka Award: RespecTo di Costadoro coffee
  • Single origin Moka Arabica Award: Moka Style Kenya AA Washed coffee by The Genoese.

Other lines that have not received any awards are also of excellent value. Among these Lavazza Crema e Gusto line whose coffee has a lot of hints of chocolate in taste and aroma.

We remember too Kimbo Prestige which, as caffesostenibile.it mentions, “it is the result of a skillful blend of Arabica beans from South America and Asian Robusta beans. The aroma that comes out is reminiscent of toffee, freshly baked cookies and dried fruit. With a finish on the palate with a bitter and diffused aftertaste“.

Also excellent Pellini mixture no. 42 composed of the highest quality beans in an excellent blend of Arabica and Robusta quality selected directly at the places of origin. “The vigorous roasting enhances its intense taste and classic aroma“.

Of course, there are really many different mixes on the market now, and “Get lost” among the supermarket shelves or an online store is easy. Always try to experiment but also focus on one at least for a period of a few weeks to see if it really suits you before moving on to the next.

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