What is the best coffee?

Published: Friday 22 July 2022 – the newsroom

ROM (news) – Many blends and varieties for one of the most consumed beverages in the world


The coffee it is the most beloved drink of Italians. Nothing is more fun than enjoying the classic cup of coffee in the morning to start the day right. Many people prefer to taste it at home, with their own machine or with waffles, others prefer to leave the house and go to a bar, together with breakfast for a nice chat with other customers. Start the day with a good cup of coffee in the bar, it is an established habit for a high percentage of Italians and it is up to the barista to offer a quality drink, made to perfection. You can choose the best coffee machine for bars on loan for use, to guarantee your customers a coffee with an unmistakable taste. Objectively speaking, the best coffee simply does not exist, as usual everything is a matter of taste. What you can do, however, is to have a guideline in mind, for example to be able to address the most suitable type of coffee to your taste.

Types of coffee

The main types of coffee spread all over the world are essentially four: Robusta, Arabica, Liberica and finally Excelsa, and each of them has innate characteristics. What makes the difference between one type of coffee and another is first and foremost origin of the beans, and secondly the technology used for roasting. For each of these the quality of the coffee we have unmistakable properties based on different elements: taste, aroma, acidity and so on. To understand what type of coffee you should choose, you need to find out what suits your personal taste best, so the first thing to do is to know what are the characteristics and differences of each one.

Robusta coffee

This type of coffee comes from the Coffea Robusta plant. It is grown mainly in Africa, Southeast Asia and Brazil and is the second most produced coffee variety in the world after Arabica. It is characterized by a high caffeine content and is ideal for those who prefer an aggressive, full-bodied and decisive taste. It is characterized by dark-toned beans with a rounded shape. Robust coffee stands out for its strong taste and spicy aroma with hints of dried fruit and a little chocolate.

Arabica coffee

This different coffee it is native to Yemen and Ethiopia. The Coffea Arabica plant is currently grown mostly in Latin America and in some areas of Africa and is the most produced coffee variety in the world. The 100% Arabica coffee it is fragrant, sweet and with a hint of acidity, perfect for those who love the classic taste. In summary his functions they are: delicate taste, fruity aroma and medium intensity.

Liberica and Excelsa

Liberica coffee comes from the city of the same name, in West Africa. It is a rare and expensive type of coffee, it contains less caffeine than the previous two and has a pronounced taste. In the Philippines it is called “Kape Barako”, which means virile coffee. Excelsa accounts for about 1% of the market and is grown almost exclusively in Chad, it is very expensive and the taste is very strong and down to earth, which you have to get used to.

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