What is the right temperature to drink coffee?

We have always wondered what is the right temperature to drink coffee. Is it better to drink it hot, lukewarm or cold? The long-awaited answer comes from a study.

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There are those who prefer to enjoy coffee boiling and those who want to let it cool down before taking their daily break. This is because tastes of each of us, but also from the margin of tolerance for the heat we have.

How many times have we actually invoked saints and madonnas because in the desire to taste our beloved drink we did not blow on it before we consumed it?

But no matter what we prefer, what is it temperature right to drink coffee for the sake of well-being? Let’s find out together.

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At what temperature should you drink the coffee?

Drink coffee
Boy drinking coffee (Pixabay)

Several studies have been done and many discussions have highlighted doubts about what was the best temperature to drink coffee and finally there Research made by chemists from the University of Philadelphia gave us an answer. First of all, it is good to say that it takes a short time to prepare hot coffee, unlike cold coffee which, on the other hand, requires a longer time that can vary from 3 to 24 hours with water at room temperature.

That said, hot coffee has been shown to be better for high levels of antioxidantsin addition to the fact that it may contain total titratable acids, that is, the acids that help pump oxygen throughout the body and are missing during the long process of brewing cold coffee.

In addition, the researchers found that the idea that cold coffee is less acidic than hot coffee does not hold up from a scientific point of view. So, taking into account the conclusions the researchers have come to, it is up to you to decide whether to drink cold or hot coffee, but know that from a scientific point of view, drinking it hot is definitely the best choice for health.

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In any case, do not overdo it and stick to between 2 and 5 cups a day. Excessive consumption can actually lead to negative consequences such as stomach problems, insomnia and cardiovascular complications.

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