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In addition to weapons, our country has sent thousands of ultra-compact packages to the front with Russia to support the fighters. The story of the theorem invented by the United States in 1942

Not only missiles, grenade launchers, bombs and machine guns (here is the whole plan)

. Italy also sends thousands of K rations to Ukraine, the daily meal for those fighting. It is an ultra-compact package, each containing three modules: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The latest revision launched by the Italian army involved an increase in total caloric intake, from 3,650 to 4,000Calculate an average food consumption for about 2,500 calories by the military.

The K ration was introduced by the United States of America in 1942 during World War II. Physiologist Ancel Keys (hence the English name K-Ration) studied the first combat food package.which chooses biscuits, pork sausages, sweets and chocolate cakes in a heavy 28 ounce (870 grams) ration and capable of providing 3,200 calories.

The new K rations of the Italian army no longer allow the use of the field stove: the casings contain a solution which, at light pressure, causes a chemical reaction that heats the contents: allowed us to lighten the breakfast-lunch-dinner kit by 500 grams. The doses and menus have been designed to guarantee approximately 28% of the total energy at breakfast, 50% at lunch and 22% at dinner.

At breakfast there is no shortage of bread or biscuits, two servings of fruit jam, a chocolate cake, a serving of biscuits and an energy cake. Also reads (Below) the explanatory parameters from the Ministry of Defense website, always for breakfast there are fruit jellies, coffee and freeze-dried tea.

At lunch available first and second course, breadsticks, desserts, energy drinks and energy bars. But also tortellini with cloth, pasta and beans, tuna and peas, wurstel and turkey and fruit salad. The kit also contains clit tablets.

At the dinner instead, a light lunch is served, with a wrapper containing the main course, biscuits, breadsticks, cereals and fruit bars, alternating according to the various menus. In addition, canned minestrone, rice salad and chicken are included.

The additional food products available include the cappuccino beverage bag, sugar-free chewing gum for oral hygiene and in some cases also the toothbrush, tablets to clean the water, toothpicks and wet wipes. The K-ratios of the NATO countries are all different, but each with its own distinctiveness, but the Italian version (also according to what has been told by The guard)
proved to be the most popular among soldiers in Afghanistan.

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