What to drink instead of coffee in the morning: 5 alternative drinks for a healthy breakfast


The coffee is the perfect drink to start the day with: a ritual followed by many people that it is really impossible to give up. It is one of the most popular drinks to enjoy even during the day and for many it is considered a real moment of relaxation. In cases where you are forced to replace coffee with another drink, especially revolutionary for waking up habits, you can choose alternatives that have the same energizing effect and a very similar taste.

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Between drinks that can be drunk instead of coffee there is indeed Ginseng, but also Matcha tea and more. But let’s see in detail what they are and what effects they have on the body and what benefits they provide.


The Ginseng is a root from a herbaceous plant that grows in China and Korea. It has stimulating effects on the immune system and is perfect for counteracting the state of confusion that is usually perceived as soon as you wake up. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is perfect for a busy day, moreover, it does not cause the many side effects associated with the consumption of coffee.

Match tea

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Matcha is Japanese green tea with several benefits. It contains very few calories and for this reason it is appreciated by dieters. further it has an energizing effect, therefore perfect to consume in the morning. It is then cleansing and stimulates the metabolism, in some cases also promoting weight loss.

The golden milk

Definitely the least popular drink Golden milk has remarkable beneficial properties and is prepared with turmeric milk. It has only recently become famous and is perfect as a substitute for coffee in the morning as it improves sleep and reduces the effects of high blood pressure.

the chicory drink

There is certainly one of the most classic alternatives to coffee chicory drink. Promotes digestion, prevents cell aging, detoxifies and provides energy. It is extracted from the root of the well-known plant and has a pleasant and savory taste.

Chai tea

The Chai tea is a mixture of pepper, clove seeds, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cardamom, anise and ginger mixed with black tea. It’s a drink that can easily replace coffee because it has remarkable properties in common. It has an intense flavor and contains a minimal level of caffeine. It also contains vitamin C, iron and calcium.

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