Where not to lose good habits at FuoriSalone 2022

Courtesy Photo Louis Vuitton

How to best start the day in one FuoriSalone weekend? Always with good habits. Although Milan Design Week overturns the city’s face and inhibits the feeling of ordinary time, the marathon during the last two days dedicated to the project’s culture actually begins from kl. places in everyday life. Before entering the districts, in and outside the historic city center, it is therefore a must to enjoy the weekend’s natural, slower pace. From coffee to newspaper reading, the highlights of the morning routine must not be missed. What is certain is that the creative scenario for this long-awaited moment of the year offers new experience opportunities, the opening of extravagant pop-up shops and temporary bars. Where you can enjoy a signature cappuccino as a prêt-à-porter garment or buy a bouquet of flowers with haute couture.

Coffee on Valentino’s porch

fuorisalone 2022 Valentinos veranda

Marco Erba

An elegant porch, furnished with a pair of bistro chairs coffee tables, and an unmistakable V-shaped luminous sign in sight: at Valentino, siestan is carved under a pointed roof, inside a transparent geometry. With a blue-toned bar counter, the mini café that the company is opening in Milan for the time being design week participates in a project for revaluation and reconsideration of vintage clothing. In fact, by taking over the space for Madame Pauline Vintage, at number 74 in Foro Buonaparte, the Roman maison is triggering an itinerant project that aims to promote a circular and collective buying culture. Valentino Vintage Takeover it affects, partly simultaneously, three other major cities: Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.

Cappuccino sits at the Fendi bar

fuorisalone 2022 fendi bar

With permission Photo Fendi

Another lap, another race. Buen retiro, this time, is located in a stunning courtyard in the Quadrilatero della Moda. Also home to the brand’s store, the Fendi Bar it can be found by exploring number 3 off via Montenapoleone. Open to June 12, 2022, bistro, rigorously marked by the double F, addresses the patterns and graphic motifs that are characteristic of the mark. And the unmistakable yellow Fendi. While waiting for the service collection to be released in October, coffee and cappuccino cups add style to the table. On the menu, sweet and savory for breakfast, along with freshly squeezed juices and extracts. There are also suggestions for lighter lunches and menus forevening aperitif.

Flowers & City Guide by Louis Vuitton

fuorisalone 2022 fendi bar

Courtesy Photo Louis Vuitton

Together with a small exhibition of flowers (pictured above), the itinerant project for Ephémères Library from Louis Vuitton arrives in Milan for its second Italian stop after Venice. The fashion house’s initiative, which transforms newsagents in cities into small urban times of knowledge and curiosity, now sees the main character the newsstand at Piazza San Babila as in the days of furniture week, also sells the entire collection of Louis Vuitton Travel Book, Fashion Eye and City Guide. The small metropolitan architecture, currently toned with a light rainbow, above all invites the new generations to take an interest in the value and beauty of quality editorial projects. Companions of everyday life who, just like with design, know how to change their perception and outlook on life for the better.

Hjärtats tidning in LaDoubleJ newspaper kiosk

fuorisalone 2022 Valentinos veranda

With permission Photo DoubleJ

Instead, it is located in the heart of the Brera Design Districtpop-up newsstand signed The DoubleJ. Reopened due to the last FuoriSalone, booth for Largo Treves blooms in a colorful bouquet with paper flowers, newspapers and fun stuff. Wrapped in a series of custom murals by JJ Martin’s brand, depicting the most beautiful monuments in the city, the small shop is crowned by a giant flower installation. Throughout the design week, he outlines an ultrapop-place-to-be that opens up to the city and tells about the joy of life every day.

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