Where rivers meet: literary café

Where rivers meet: outdoor literary café
Pusterla, an art family under the magnifying glass

Born last year from the collaboration between Evil media And Lazy day the cycle of literary outdoor cafes “Where rivers meet” hosts the poet for the next meeting in the 2022 calendar Fabio Pusterla accompanied by his son Leo Pusterla, musician. Both will be placed under the meticulous magnifying glass Laura Ferraro which will examine the two personalities of this art family: i Pusterla.

The meeting with free entry is on the agenda for Wednesday, August 24, 2022, starting at 8 p.m. at the Snack bar at Camping Bellinzona (via San Gottardo 131, Bellinzona) in a dreamy and evocative setting.
This event is supported by The city of Bellinzona and from Gianfe Foundation.

We also remind you that the last meeting of the season with the poet Margherita Coldesina and the singer Raissa Aviles, postponed due to the weather, will take place on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

The cards:

Fabio Pusterla
He graduated in modern literature at the University of Pavia and lives and works between Lombardy and Switzerland, where he teaches Italian language and literature at the Liceo cantonale and the University of Lugano; he held courses at the University of Geneva for a few years. He was one of the founders of the literary magazine “Idra”, published in Milan by Marcos y Marcos. He is active as a poet, translator (mainly from French, with some forays into Portuguese literature) and essayist. He collaborates with newspapers and magazines in Switzerland and Italy. Since 2014, he has been a titular professor at the ISI in Lugano. In addition to several essays on linguistic and literary subjects, he has together with Claudia Patocchi published the volume Culture and language of the Intelvi Valley (Senna Comasco, 1983; reprint 2006), and with Angelo Stella and Cesare Repossi the anthology Lombardia (Brescia, La Scuola, 1990 ). He also edited the critical edition of Vittorio Imbriani’s narrative works for the Bembo Foundation (3 vols., Milan, Longanesi-Guanda, 1992-1994). In 2007 he published the critical prose volume Arnolds nerv. Essays and Notes on Contemporary Poetry (Milan, Marcos y Marcos); from 2012 the book of prose and partly autobiographical essays When Chiasso was in Ireland (Casagrande, Bellinzona). His efforts on school and teaching are collected in the book En droppe prakt. Reflections on school (after all) (Casagrande, Bellinzona, 2008). He also edited a collection of writings by his high school students on reading, entitled The Great Adventure of Young Readers (Dadò, Locarno, 2012). Together with Elisabetta Motta, he finally published the volume Colors in flight (Happy life, Milan, 2012).

Leo Pusterla
A cruel calm runs through the tracks on the new album by Leo Pusterla, frontman of Terry Blue. Only 26 years old, Leo is already on his fourth album, “Only To Be There”, which was released a few days ago. Paulo Coelho, author of “The Alchemist”, would say that this man armed with direction and dedication is living his personal legend. With the new songs in my headphones, I shape the interview with the artist. The words flow out of the jazzy folk waves of “Leaving That Town” and the British rock of songs like “Only To Be There”. A journey with 28 songs written by Leo, a lover of both the musical and literary dimensions. Besides writing, he sings, plays guitar and piano and has produced some beats. A musical odyssey that shows creative courage and musical maturity. Raised in Lugano, after high school the musician moved to Lausanne for several years. “Only recently, after a short return to Lugano, I have moved permanently to Milan, where I attend the Academy of Sound in sound engineering,” he explains. (From Cooperation: 19.04.2021)

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