White or brown sugar in coffee? Things to know based on the choice

The sugar It is one of the foods that should be restricted in the diet. They say so nutritionists he specialists. Sometimes the risk is that you abuse it without realizing it. A clear example, in this sense, is represented by those who take the most coffee a day. If you choose not to consume bitter coffee, it is likely that you will consume a not insignificant amount sugar.

There are also established habits that can take into account misleading urban legends. An example can be made by emphasizing the idea that risks spreading in the collective imagination. The reference is to the possibility that someone thinks they will put it brown sugar in coffee may be a better solution. Both from a nutritional point of view and from a calorie intake point of view.

Brown sugar or brown sugar?

Many actually choose it sugar cane I imagine taking a different and healthier direction. It becomes useful, in this sense, to try to understand what is the difference between refined sugar and cane sugar.

In reality, there is no heterogeneity at all between the two types of sugar. Yes, because speaking of their chemical structure, experts point out that there are no points that make them different. This of course presupposes that there is no distance either in the caloric intake they generate in consumers and above all in the glycemic index.

The different aspect is given by some different parts found in cane sugar (molasses residues, ie the residual product of sugar cane), the proportion of which can be estimated at between 1 and 5%. This explains how much and why the nutritional differences are minimal.

Basically, under a different dress, given that one is white and the other looks more raw, there is always sucrose. Cane sugar, although for some it may give the idea of ​​being “whole”, has a refinement comparable to that of the more common sugar.

There is whole sugar, but even then there are things to say

There is a form of real whole cane sugar. However, it is quite difficult to find it, for example, in the companies that administer coffee. In general, it is recognizable because it is much darker, it does not have homogeneously large grains that are difficult to isolate from each other.

This would have interesting nutritional components, but too low for them to provide benefits based on what should be above the recommended amounts of sugar. This tells us once again how it is best to limit the consumption of sugar when it is time for coffee. Whether it is white sugar or cane sugar, the potential effects are the same.

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