“Who pays for the coffee for the others?” Region, the rebound competition

BARI – One in two did not show up, and one in six was eligible. But among the 3,621 who passed the pre-election first, 209, that is, less than one in 19, he gets a job as an official in the Region. The first phase of the maximum competition ended on Tuesday, without major problems but not without some controversy also due to some incorrect and incomprehensible questions.

The yellow occurred in the latest test, that of HR specialists, where the Commission felt it had to interrupt one of the “situational” issues. “You have to teach an education for a company 300 km from your home. The training is scheduled to start at 10.00, but your contact person will ask you a day in advance if it is possible to start at 9.00 so that the participants can finish earlier. You have already booked your train ticket and there are no previous trains. What are you doing? “The Commission considered that the question which presented three alternatives was incorrect. At the end of the 60 minutes, the participants were asked to sit down again and they had another 90 seconds to answer another question of the same kind: “In the working group you coordinate, there is an employee who always tends to postpone (written like this , red) the moment when he has to make a decision because he is afraid of making mistakes. How do you behave? ‘

It may be a coincidence, but the test on Tuesday afternoon was the one that had the absolute highest number of suitable candidates: against the 1,673 participants in the Foggia headquarters and 784 in Lecce, 445 and 175 competitors passed the minimum score. So over 600 suitable for 7 positions, one sixth of the total number of profiles (for the profile for agricultural technicians, the total number of suitable is 26 for 20 positions).

However, the content of the situation test left more than doubt (for example, prospective lawyers got this: “You are part of a working group and you called the bar for a coffee. When it comes to paying the bill, you realize that there is no money for a drink. How to behave you you? “). The level of notionism required in some tests also seemed a bit special and disconnected from the context: the competitors for institutional communication were asked “What variables does Okun’s law relate to”. There is also some controversy about the presence, in the competition committees, of three candidates in the administrative elections in June: formally there is no incompatibility (the prohibition in the law only applies to holders of political assignments), but for expediency reasons. it would have been better to anticipate the exclusion also because the region does not have a register of commissioners, but for the election a system (based on self-certifications) has been used which has shown many limits.

“We are very pleased with how it went – says Regional Personnel Councilor Gianni Stea, who took part in the morning tests in Foggia last day – and we are trying to ensure that the verification operations of commissions go as quickly as possible.” The evaluation of the qualifications will need to be performed to get the final score and thus the ranking. “I was hoping to recruit as early as July 1 – says Stea – it will not be possible, but I think the goal of August 1 will be confirmed”. The competitions for category C (employees, diplomas are enough) and category B (drivers) will instead start in July, almost certainly during the other two weeks: in addition to the technical times for the appointment of the commissions, there is something to be done to manage the availability of the facilities.

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