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It is the most loved drink and one that we can never do without, but what happens to our body if we drink coffee on an empty stomach? You never thought of that!

Discovered in Ethiopia, then it passed into the hands of the Arabs and then arrived in Europe. The facility of coffee it is one of the epochal discoveries that have left a mark in history. Even today we are talking about one of the most appreciated and loved plants from which one of the most consumed drinks in the world is obtained.

Fasting Coffee (Credits: Adobe)

Imported in Italy towards the end of the 16th century, precisely in Venice, the coffee it has become a symbol of our peninsula, and will identify itself as the drink par excellence. Ate for breakfast, sipped at the bar with friends or in the early afternoon before we start our activities. Almost all of us are regular coffee consumers.

The aromatic taste that distinguish it and the properties it contains, especially the “exciting” ones thanks to the caffeine content that helps us feel less tired. It is also considered a powerful antioxidant and can stimulate and speed up metabolism. In short, it is one great ally for our well-being. But like all things in the world, it is necessary not to abuse it because consumed in large quantities can have counterproductive effects on our body. Speaking of effects on the organism, but what happens to our body if and when we drink coffee on an empty stomach? Here’s what you should know!

What happens when you drink coffee on an empty stomach: the effects on the body

Whether it is made in the moka pot or in the machine, the avid consumers of this beloved drink will agree with us that coffee you just can’t live without it. A nice pampering that we allow ourselves at any time of the day. Coffee is a drink that, as we have said, has several benefits.

However, one should pay attention to how it is consumed. For example, What are the effects of coffee on our body if consumed on an empty stomach? You are welcome What you absolutely should know!

fasting coffee
Drink coffee on an empty stomach (Credits: Adobe)

We assume that consuming coffee on an empty stomach is not a good idea at all. In fact, this bad habit represents damage to the walls of our stomach. For what reason? Well because it does nothing but increase the production of hydrochloric acid and it does nothing but fuel the production of gastric juices. The increase in acidity inside the stomach walls can be the cause of gastritis, heartburn and unfortunately the dreaded reflux.

For this reason, it would be preferable to accompany the consumption of this drink with a food. Whether it is breakfast or an afternoon break, it is advisable to consume coffee only if it is associated with a food.

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