Young people take the coffee culture and cleaning of machines to Neapolitan bars with PulyDays

Naples is a city with a very high concentration of bars: a world that is only seemingly quiet, with the classic lever machines and coffee with very dark roasts and a high presence of robust, but which on the contrary is in great fermentation.

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Here, the coffee world’s catchment area is huge and represents a cult that is often misinterpreted – he says Valerio Vitiello, barista, Sca coach and owner of Napoli Coffee School -. Fortunately, a generational change is taking place that is rapidly revolutionizing the world of coffee bars. The stop linked to covid has led many operators to look at social networks, read books and magazines and learn more about the product. They discovered a new world, new technology and decided it was time to find out more“.

So many operators have started taking courses in the Neapolitan school that opened its doors just over a year ago and to understand what a quality coffee (both Arabica and Robusta) is, the new technologies that make it possible to modulate the extraction (even by replicating the pressure variation of a lever machine), or to always have freshly ground coffee with coffee grinders on request.

The cleaning of the machines also plays a leading role in this transformation; For this reason, on July 15, Vitiello organized two meetings with pulyCAFFs PulyDays, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, held by brand ambassador Andrea Antonelli: 18 baristas and owners participated in the three-hour course that offered a complete immersion first theoretical, then practice on the cleaning techniques for the espresso machine, coffee grinder and accessories for professional use. It is in fact from these devices that the final phase of the conversion of coffee from bean to beverage begins, which must not be ruined by rancidity or burnt odors transmitted by dirty and neglected machines.

Cleanliness is important, I always tell bartenders – resumes Vitiello -, as well as extensive training. Many people today are attracted to latte art: during the course I tell them that if they take a barista course, I will teach them how to save 2-300 euros a month. The secret is to use the right milk jug for each process, so there will be no waste; then use the one-cup filterThere is a much greater saving if you clean the espresso machine and coffee grinder thoroughly, as lack of maintenance can lead to the equipment being blocked (with the relative cost of repair), in addition to a machine stopping equivalent to failure to collect in connection with the cancellation of the sale. of espresso and cappuccino.

Vitiello’s passion for coffee is really great: he juggles at best between working in the family bar, Gran Caffè Secondigliano where he works with an M200 of La Cimbali, teaching and organizing the second edition of Campania Coffee Village in Gustus, Mediterranean Flavors Expo is planned in Naples between November 20 and 22 next year, which will host the competition for Central-Southern Italy in the Sca Cup Tasters competition.

pulyCAFF will also support this appointment: it has always been where passion and coffee culture are the protagonists.

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